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Landscape Installation Technician

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Landscape Installation Technician

Job Description for Landscape Installation Technician

             Moves soil, equipment, and materials, digs holes, and performs related duties to assist LANDSCAPE INSTALLATION SUPERVISOR in landscaping grounds:  Digs holes for plants and trees, using pick and shovel.  Mixes fertilizer or lime with dirt in bottom of holes to enrich soil, places plants or trees in holes, and adds dirt to fill holes.  Hauls or spreads topsoil, using wheelbarrow and rake.  Waters lawns, trees, and plants, using portable sprinkler system, hose, or watering can.  Spreads straw over seeded soil to prevent movement of seed and soil.  Builds forms for concrete borders, using lumber, hammer, and nails.  Mixes and pours cement for garden borders.  Places decorative stones and plants flowers in garden areas.  Mows and trims lawns, trims bushes, and prunes treesusing appropriate equipment (such as power or riding mower, weed eater, pruners, etc.)  Display professional appearance and manner.  Practices crew safety and proper use of equipment.  Responsible for proper use and care of issued hand tools and mechanical equipment. Ensures the company facilities and grounds are maintained a professional appearance. Assists in maintaining the professional appearance of company facilities and grounds.

 Performance Standard

             All installation will be performed in a timely and professional mannerso as to meet the requirements of the job as outlined by the work order.  Situations may be bought to the attention of INSTALLATION SUPERVISOR for resolution.  Installation Technicianswill comply with company policies and procedures to include employee handbook, safe operation of tools and equipment, and all other landscaping installation requirements.  Valid complaints by either management, customers, or co-workers will be the exception–cooperation, production, and customer satisfaction are expected (process outlined in employee handbook).  Installation Techniciansshould set the example for their co-workers and will be both held accountable and rewarded for their behavior and performance.