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Fall for Plants

Sometimes I take the road less traveled, or less congested.   I like to schedule afternoon appointments on the way home from work.  It gets me away from the office early and back outside Fall For Plantswhere I really want to be.  This time of year the route I take through Richmond is also dictated by the colors of the leaves.  This is when I am reminded that the trees I help locate for customers throughout the year will spring to life before winter sets in.   Here are a few of my favorite routes.

Cary Street holds a myriad of surprises with brilliant maples and rich red dogwood leaves.   The waving tan grasses in some landscapes are in stark contrast to the greens and reds that surround them.  If you are stuck in traffic at the light at Three Chopt, it’s not so bad if you take the time to look up from your smart phone.

Salisbury Country Club has the most magnificent specimens of Ginkgo trees.   The leaves remain a soft green until the right temperature drop and then voila, the entire tree is  solid gold!  This is not the best part though, the tree will drop all of the leaves at once and it is a beautiful site.  A lush green lawn with a golden dusting across the top.  I look forward to it every year.

Polo Parkway in Midlothian is bordered on both sides by maples.  Last week as I made a run to Kroger, before picking up someone from practice and after dropping someone off somewhere else, I noticed that I was driving through a tunnel of fire!  On both sides of the road the trees were fiery red as  if I was following Katness Everdeen with her dress on fire lighting up everything in its path.

Finally, I love crossing any bridge over the James River in the fall, especially at sunrise.  Brilliant colors reflected in the silvery mirror of the lazy James River.   Cormorants standing on rocks in the afternoon like late summer teenagers at Pony Pasture making the most of the sun before winter follows.  Afternoons crossing the river on 288 is filled with anticipation (if I am not in a hurry).  Will that lone paddle boarder be out there surrounded by still water and the red, gold and orange leaved spectators?  Will there be deer at the border of the low fields?  Thanks to the engineering gurus that created this bridge I have unobstructed views of my afternoon entry into Southside.

Take time to look up when you are caught in traffic, fall is the grand finale as we head into the intermission called winter.