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Kirby’s Landscaping can provide lawn aeration for you or follow the instructions below.

Fall aeration and seeding.

AerationTo prepare for our arrival follow the instructions below:

  1. Mow lawn lower than usual, (about 1-1/2 to 2”) to allow for greater seed to soil contact.
  2. Water your lawn (if rain is limited) just enough to moisten but not soaking wet. Then, turn off your system until after the aerating and seeding has been completed.
  3. Flag all irrigation heads, valve box covers and private lines such as dog fences, etc. We can help with marking the heads just give the office a call for more information.
  4. Remove objects from the lawn such as furniture, toys, hoses, etc.
  5. Thank you for your help assisting us with the above tasks and once we are done let the watering begin.

Watering instructions following your aeration and seeding…aeration

  1. To ensure the best germination possible, begin watering the new seed immediately following application just enough to moisten the soil. Try not to allow water to runoff.
  2. The yard needs to be kept moist during the germination period. Make sure soil stays moist for 2 to 3 weeks until sprouts begin emerging.
  3. Slowly reduce the frequency of watering once most of the seed has germinated
  4. Keep heavy traffic and lawn mowers off yard until new seedlings reach 2-3 inches.
  5. During dry conditions, be sure to set your sprinkler system for the morning and the late evening. Try not to water the yard between the hours of noon and 4pm, this is the hottest and can burn the new grass quickly.
  6. September and October are the two most productive months for root development, continue with the proper watering procedures until the end of October. Continue watering lawn at a rate of 1 inch a week.

We use Medek Tree Service for our tree removal needs.