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Richmond Symphony Designer House 2014

The Richmond Symphony Designer House 2014

is taking place this year in the Hallsley development in Chesterfield. We are excited to be included in this project again this year.

This will be third time that I have participated in a Designer House and the second time that I have done this with Kirby’s Landscaping. The Richmond Symphony Designer House 2014 proceeds support the Richmond Symphony and the various programs that it has for the Richmond community. We are excited to be included in this wonderful project.

If you have time this fall, make plans to drive to the Southside and visit this community and the Richmond Symphony Designer House 2014. I recently stopped by to spray paint bed lines for the irrigation installation and went over to the model homes to check out the landscape competition in the area. My husband cringes when I attend open houses or visit model homes but it is a great way to catch up on the latest trends in landscape design and interior decorating. I often recommend that my clients take pictures of what they have seen in other gardens to keep a record of what appeals to them, even listing exactly what it was that made them take notice.

Here are a few things that seem to be most popular:

Fire! Fire pit, fireplace, chimenea, everyone wants to gather around the fire.

Covered seating area. Whether for shade or to extend the time that you can spend outside, rain, sleet or snow.

Screening plants. The houses that are being built are far closer than they used to be and we are giving up exterior privacy as we move outside. Thoughtful plant material choices are necessary here especially near property lines or buildings.

Landscape lighting. Landscape lighting is not security lighting although it can serve the same purpose. Exterior illumination involves drama and subtlety. It’s all about the effect.

Concrete paver walkways and patios. We have installed more patios and walkways this year and the variety and creativity of the patterns have been a welcome change for the customer. There are so many shapes and colors to choose from in the paver and walls that we have to carry samples with us on a regular basis. The combinations are limitless.

Water features. Small ponds that create sound with a splash of water bubbling up or a waterfall crashing over a grouping of boulders, water is still making an impact in the landscape.

While all of these things may not be attractive to you, a competent designer can help you incorporate the items that suit your style and landscape. Take pictures and make notes so that you can get exactly what you want to enjoy your outdoor space. See you at the Richmond Symphony Designer House 2014!