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Winter Reflections at Kirby’s

At the end of a school play, a vacation or a good book, there is a melancholy that sets in that is inevitable.  The preparation and excitement at the beginning of the project have passed.  We begin to reflect on where we are in life, at work or at home.  So it is with December that we look back on the year to evaluate our progress at Kirby’s.  Throughout the year we Winter Reflectionshave worked hard through snow, rain, drought, an overwhelming rush of requests for plans and estimates at the same time and the drudgery of paperwork and work order changes.  We have accomplished many things over the year.  We have purchased new vehicles for our crew that are more efficient and better equipped. We have attended trade shows and educational seminars.  We have several employees that have moved into positions of increasing responsibility and we are currently implementing a new software system that will help us keep better track of our materials, labor and scheduling.  As always when we seek to make changes and improve ourselves we face stumbling blocks and challenges, however, this is all an effort to provide a better experience for our customers.

So as we look back on the past year to evaluate our work we look to our customers for feedback.  We are growing at a steady pace but here at Kirby’s Lawn and Landscaping, Inc. we are committing ourselves to the service that we have strived to accomplish from the beginning, personal and customer oriented.   Our new software will have all of the information on your account so that we can answer the questions you have about timing and application.  Our crews will be logging in and out on site so that we can tell you where they are and when they will be at the next stop.   Our landscaping and hardscaping crews are equipped with the right equipment for the job at hand.

We are always striving to improve.   Satisfaction is our goal.  As you look at your landscape think about the goals you have for the coming year.   A better lawn, renovating an existing landscape, putting in a patio and firepit to use next summer, these are the improvements that we can help you achieve.

Enjoy the holidays, finish that book and spend time with your friends and family.  Then sit back and reflect on the things you want to accomplish outside to make life more enjoyable.  Call in January and we can make plans to help you enjoy your landscape in 2015.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!